Bulk Auto Purchases

Bulk Auto Purchases
At Right House Capital, we provide an array of services to assist car dealerships, finance companies, and banks with the process of selling their bulk auto loans. RHC specializes in the mitigation of bulk auto purchases. This is not an easy task. Finding the highest bid for a portfolio of auto loans requires a lot of work and careful maneuvering.

RHC will perform a detailed review and analysis of each loan to not only ensure quality but to understand which buyers have the strongest appetite for each unique pool of bulk auto loans.

RHC uses the same investor tools to analyze each and every loan for bulk auto purchases. Our goal is to assess the investor's risk with an accurate fair market value plus any future costs associated with the loan. From the managing partners' experience, many investors take advantage of automotive loan providers by deflating the value and inflating costs to the point that the loan becomes extremely profitable for them. RHC is here to make sure the lender or bank receives a fair cost for the bulk auto loans they are trying to liquidate.

Bulk Auto Buyers
Right House Capital has strong relationships with multiple buyers looking to purchase your bulk auto portfolios. RHC gives your tape of auto loans to these buyers and they compete to purchase your portfolio. It is understood that they are in competition with one another when they receive a tape from RHC. In the end, these buyers cut their margins and you receive the highest possible value for your bulk auto loans.

Bulk Auto Portfolio Analysis
At Right House Capital, we don’t just push paper in order to get your assets liquidated. We analyze every loan in your pool in order to have a deep understanding of what it is worth. When we get asked by a buyer what price we are looking for, we are able to give an exact answer. We can then further communicate why we believe this is the fair market value for your bulk auto loans.

Bulk Auto Portfolio Negotiation
From the information gathered and explained above, we are then able to negotiate on your behalf. If at any point our evaluation does not agree with the buyer’s offered price, we will fight on your behalf in order to get you the price you deserve. Thanks to our numerous relationships, we have extensive negotiating power. Buyers know that if they are not willing to negotiate, we will find someone else that will. Right House Capital gives the bargaining power back to you.

Bulk Auto Purchases